What are Under Currents [Worldwide Blockchain Instant Messaging Platform]?

Under Current Tokens are a Decentralized & Anonymous Blockchain Instant Messaging System. Users are able to send global encrypted instant messages without having to pay Outrageous International fees or sacrificing private data to your centralized cellular providers. Users can send as little as 0.001 UCS to the proper Wallet Address & add a message in the description then push send, just that simple. Under Currents Cost as little as $0.0000001. We believe people should be able to communicate without limitations while being able to gain value. Under Current gives you the option of Privacy, when sending instant messages. We help you keep your personal data from Companies, Organizations, & Governments. Every message is recorded on a blockchain ledger, only the receiver of an Under-Current knows who sent it, and in some cases not even them. Under Currents are secure, faster, and more private than emails, plus every message is a crypto-asset, so you gain value every time a message is received. 

How do I buy Under Currents?

You can Buy Under Currents with over 8+ Cryptos. Users must send a payment of at least $5 USD in crypto 

What Services Under Currents offer?

We offer a Blockchain Instant Messaging Platform for Under Current Holders, Crypto Exchange, Waves Token Swap, & Community Emails.

Can I Convert My Under Currents for Different Cryptos?

Yes, you can convert your Under Current balance to  Waves, BNB, BTC,& BIOTECH on WX.Network

Can I get Under Currents for free?

Yes, with the purchase of $100 USD or more, you will receive an extra 1,000 Under Currents and we will give away Currents on certain occasions so stay tuned! If you are a business partner you can receive thousands of Under Currents just for Joining our Partner Network

How do I buy Under Currents?

How do I send a Message on WX.Network with UnderCurrents?

How can I get my personlized Email Address?

By going to the Community Email Page & Making a Payment of roughly $3 -$30 USD using WAVES, BITCOIN, OR UNDER CURRENTS

How does the Personalized Email Appear?


When will my Email Address be activated?

Your forwarding email address will be activated within 24 hours after you complete your donation. (In most cases it takes several hours) When your mailbox is ready, you will be notified through the contact email you have specified on the Contact Form. 

Can I get more than one Email Address?

There is no limit to the number of email addresses one person can get. Simply submit the form & required amount multiple times.

Can I subscribe for more than one year?

Yes, To subscribe for more than one year, simply send double the amount required. 

I made a mistake during the payment process. Can You Help?

No worries, please reach us through our contact form and explain what is wrong. We will try our best to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

How does payment support the Under Current Community?

We can proudly say that our main goal is to support the development and awareness activities of the Under Currents Technology Community Developed on the Waves Blockchain. We are doing this to drive project innovation, promote use, increase involvement, & overall market share. We keep only a small piece from donations to cover the domain and server costs.

Would I have a password to log in to my Email?

NO! We Forward all emails to your personal email address using your PersonalDomain@Under-Currents.com